slight capture of my pre-wedding pictures.

I shud say I love the beginning of the month. The office chores are slightly small compared to the end of the month. The exuberant thing in regard to my current work is I can enjoy my chores without thinking that I am doing them.  However, the stressful feeling do occur when it becomes so huge and excessive. I cannot stand on myself to become more sensitive and easily furious in that condition (prob need anger management, hahaha).

so, what's the point having this title to discuss? sorry for the unconnected preamble :p
well, as my office situation is a bit impassive lately then most of people in my office, including me, sometimes doing activities which is not related to our chores like browsing on the internet or having a chat with other peer officers. My recent chat is all bout the preparation of soon-to-be-married friends.
I guess this year I will attend many weddings as most of friends, either office mates or hangout fellas get plans to end their single festivity. hahaha

One of them is my manager in the office, Lusi (I usually call her 'Mba Uchie'). She lately told bout her marriage plans  and I did share some stories and pictures about my pre-wed and wed cos she wanted to have some illustrated ideas and estimation bout her wed ceremony and party. she is also gonna have her Pre-wed Photo Session 3 weeks from now. As I showed my pictures in the office (sssttt, we did it in the office hours), I reminisced again the moment that made me so exhausted bcos there were loads of preparation.
Then, Mba Uchie was very happy seeing my pre-wed pictures and she loves my Kebaya (Indonesia's traditional  dress) on the albums. She told me bout what she's gonna do, put, wear to her upcoming pre-wed session.
I love to hear stories bout wedding and much pleasure to share some. after all the wed chat session, we picked some pre-wed pictures of mine that we really fancy on, and I also cannot believe it was me on Kebaya Pictures, as 'makeup' covered me all the way. hahaha. Mba uchie also said :'omg ana, I can't believe it, Was it you on the Kebaya Pre-Wedding albums?'
It has cracked me up as I also felt the same way too. However, I did take some casual themes for the pre-wed pictures that were not too highlighting the makeup, but more showing the characteristics of me and my hubby (as you can see in the picture number one to three). I still got many pictures of my pre-wed but I just uploaded the ones that I like the most.
I took 2 themes for my Pre-wed session which is 'Indonesian classical custom' and 'just for fun'.
Hope the above shots can assist and fashion your ideas for the pre-wed photo session esp for you who is gonna get married anytime soon in this year.

Goodluck and Kisses. xxxx


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