My Childhood in a nutshell

Found this picture after having such a random skimming of my photo albums on my laptop. I was like directly having a faint smile drawn on my face. Look at the color of our suits, I can't believe it becomes hip again lol, thanks for mom who is always taking a good care of us physically as well as inwardly. My childhood was filled up by many experiences, as my dad loved to take us traveling around when me and my brothers had school holidays. I also did many things to improve skills by doing many private classes of music, English and martial arts. I enjoyed every single thing of the moments. one thing that I always remember is my mom always makes me and my brothers well-dressed every time we're out! this habit sort of becoming unconsciously carried away when I'm now adult, that I always want to dress neatly and hate seeing people dressed up such a mess.  My brothers do the same thing like me too, esp aron, my younger brotha, is quite stylish. hahaha

anw, I never regret having memorable memories of my childhood whether it's good or bad. sometimes I wanna get back to those times, but life is about to go ahead. We experience a lot in the past, we learn, we memorize, we forget and we plan. Dad ever told me that everything we have achieved and will struggle to achieve, we  try not to forget our past cos it gives us lessons to become a better person in the future. I am so sleepy and crave for hitting the sack, I will make longer post, probably in the future .so, that's my childhood stories in a nutshell.

Have a nice day or evening, Kisses :)


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